Maria Elena Rose Leon- Founder and Designer


OLE'  ❤️ LOVE 

"In life everything happens for a reason and opportunity comes in the most unexpected ways"


Ole' LOVE is a soul inspired, sustainable brand. We love to inspire people to give and encourage to LIVE HAPPY. We take our time in choosing materials to use in our brand that share our passion in ECO FASHION.  

I am originally from Venezuela, however, I came to Barbados as an exchange student at the age of 18 where I found love, and have been married ever since. Barbados has been a place for growth in many different areas, I owned a pre-school at first, and then taught Spanish in different schools. I love teaching but I had a passion to create and dedicate some time to my own kids.   

Ole LOVE was born in 2016 from this passion, the passion to touch other people's lives significantly. It was a difficult transition to leave the familiar behind and be fearless stepping into the unknown future, but I trusted my instincts and made the right move. My purpose is to make accessories for your wardrobe that celebrate your individuality, that make a positive statement about who you are, using eco friendly materials that also protect our environment.  

 There is a little Ole LOVE in every one of us! 

We are a Fashion Movement celebrating ourselves and encouraging us to “Be Fearless”. This commitment comes from my work as a teacher encouraging the kids to overcome adversity and be their best. 

As a mother overcoming the sadness and guilt of Postpartum Depression , gaining back my confidence and feeling alive again was a challenge. I also expect to insipire others, just like my dad inspired me to have a "Love Life" attitude. Perseverance comes from my mother who made me believe in myself and always told me “ el que persevera vence” ("he who perseveres, accomplishes"). I've learned to put my mind and heart together and great things will happened  so “Be strong in Heart and Mind” is the backbone of our brand.  My children have taught me so much in my life, through every challenge and opportunity. Andrew and Maria Corina were given to me for a reason, and they have taught me that together we can support each other and rise. 

“Living in Faith” has been the most powerful tool for me in seeing the light when your eyes see darkness.  

Building Ole Love  started with me exploring my creativity with jewelry, mixing textures and colors while capturing my Spanish heritage and conveying our brands unique spirit in design and messages. Not one to keep quiet, with my mid buzzing for new ideas to Being Fearless and looking to our future.  Creating bags and jewelry is truly great fun and excitement for me. There are honestly nights I do not sleep, my mind is full of ideas and wanders off on its own journey. I do not want my pieces to be another thing to be added to your closet. I want to help to inspire you and remind you that you are unique in God’s Eyes and you are here to shine.   

My personal favorite collection is the: "Be Feareless" with clutches and polymerclay hearts. I have dedicated this line to my daughter and her beautiful friends as they develop into women and future leaders.  

Release any fear that is holding you back, find love, opportunity and career success. 

Live a life full of passion and purpose. You are here for a reason, stop worrying, stop hiding and discover your inner warrior. It is now, not later. Let your true self soar and let the power of your heart and brain to work for you. That is the essence of Ole LOVE! “


Maria Elena Rose Leon

Founder of Ole' LOVE

Ole' Love is a Fashion Movement


Ole' LOVE is a product of our love and passion, celebrating ourselves and encouraging you to be Fearless. We seek to empower women and support a number of stay home mums, we work also with women who have no jobs or ecconomic oportunitites otherwise even though some of them are the bread winners of their household. YOUR PURCHASE WILL PROVIDE EACH OF THIS WOMEN WITH A INCOME AND A JOB. 




Our designs come to reality thanks to the amazing work of our team, who are characterized by their meticulous attention to detail and hard work. All of our products are delicately handmade in Barbados by local artisans.


Thanks for the ones who are on this ride with me

Greg and me


I have been married for 22 years. Every day is a new journey together.  My husband Gregory is my biggest fan. Thank you for holding my hand, for loving me unconditionally and being the best Dad ever. 

My daugther and son


I am very thankful that both of my children are free spirited, my open hearted son Andrew is an amazing surfer and my beautiful hardworking dancer daughter Maria Corina. You inspire me every day to live my life to the fullest. 

My family


My family means everything to me. I learnt from my father to enjoy every moment with joy and happiness and my mother always taught me to never give up and follow your dreams no matter what. I have two amazing sisters who are my best friends.

Ana Hernández


Ana is Photographer and studied  Audiovisual arts at the Univeristy Catolica de Celio Acosta. She is many things and more to me a Jewelry designer, an amazing photographer and manages the day to day of our company. She is fun to be around and is very enthusiastic. What I love the most about Ana that she is extremely hard working and very sincere with her opinions. 

Patricia Lewis


Patricia studied Architecture at the Zulia Univeristy in Venezuela. She works for Ole' Love as graphic designer and in the sales department. Patricia is a caring, hard working. When you give Patrica a task she at all times gives her 100%. 

Erika Haddad


Erika Haddad is a Venezuelan illustrator and artist. She lives in Barbados with  her daugthers and husband. She works from home. She hand paint each of our pieces. Erika is very meticulous in her art and produces very unique work